Markings & Placards


AVIAINTERCOM LLC proposes for manufacturing and supply markings and placards for the most spread types of aircraft.

Interior placards are one of the most important elements affecting both visual reception of the cabin and in-flight safety and comfort. 

Our products match using of high-quality raw materials for manufacturing, approved by aircraft producers and authorities. UV-printing process provides contrast colors, sharp image and resistance to environment. We use such materials as plastics, PVC films, metals, genuine and synthetic textiles, papers.

Also, metals and plastics laser etching could be offered to our customers.

Design, colors, dimensions of the placards match to OEM completely. We use only original drawings or data got during aircraft surveys for filling of our database.

Clear technology of manufacturing, design data and passed Combination Flammability Burn Tests FAR/CS 25.853 provide to us possibility to supply completely certified and approved products including EASA Form 1 issuing.

Markings and placards applicable for manufacturing are classified as:

  • Emergency equipment markings
  • Rows and seats numbering
  • Galleys placards (metal plates)
  • Entry doors and emergency exits markings
  • Placards for cockpit
  • Cargo compartment signs
  • Luminous markings
  • Signing of remote controls units for entertainment system
  • Stencils
  • Modification labels for the components
Indication straps REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT
  • Different sizes and dimensions
  • Resistance to environment
  • High strength and service time