About us

AVIAINTERCOM LLC is POA (EASA.21G.0040) manufacturing company with a wide range of engineering solutions and innovative production technologies. Our company has many years of experience in the production of plastic spare parts for an aircrafts and a rail transport interiors. Our in-house design department, plastics, textiles, soft parts production facility, own CNC metal machining, sewing, printing and aviation seats repair shops provides a high quality services from design to a full scale of production and repair capabilities as well as engineering support.

We can start project from parts samples and used reverse engineering method, from preliminary sketches or a full 3-D surface model, our experienced engineering staff works closely with customers to develop a cost-effective product solution. Our in-house mold manufacturing capability, allow us to make in a short terms all of necessary production tooling.   Our full line of production capabilities – vacuum forming, thermoplastic injection molding, plastic parts extrusion, high precision Milling and Lathe СNС  machining allow to provide high quality services  and ensure in the shortest possible cycle from development to a full scale production.

In 2006 our company began producing of the interiors components using Reverse engineering technology, manufacturing of parts by customer designs with advanced 3D scanning systems and computer-aided design, rapid prototyping technology and modern methods of calculating of strength, durability, and as a result an extension of a products life cycle. Our first customers was largest Russian airlines and after some time we successfully expanded to cooperation with foreign companies.

Currently, AVIAINTERCOM is the unique Russian company that has its own production facility  and the ability to produce a plastic spare parts by customer's samples provided for an aircraft interiors, with a full engineering support and release of all necessary documentation required.

We are always open for any kind of cooperation.

Best regards,

Vadim Glazov

General Director of AVIAINTERCOM LLC